Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello & Welcome

My Very First Day as a Blogger
It's so nice to have you join me in my passion for shabby chic, romantic, vintage and all tattered things brought back to live with a little tender care and a warm heart!

I'm new to blogging but have to start somewhere. Hopefully before long my pages will be filled with exciting and enticing articles and photos for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi
Just wanted to tell you I think your on the right track. You'll do just fine as always.
The best to you always

Toni said...

Have to say your doing a great job, I read all your postings and enjoyed them very much. I too have just begun taking the path to shabby chic also.

Sheila said...

Hello I am just loving your story. lol.. Same as mine. I am the proud owner of http://www.fadedbutdesiredtreasures I fell in love with shabby chic just as you did, surfing sites for something, but i did not know what. Then i saw The Vintage Room.. my heart pounding in my chest at the look of shbby chic. Love your site. and all your goodies..

Claudie said...

WOW Sondra I did not realize where you came from, and I have read everything right down to your first post.
You've come a long way baby (as they say).
Your story is like mine. My home was always big, bright and filled with splashes of "red" kind of like Cherry Cottage/Hill and the red gals. Well, not any more.
I love the pink shabby chic, vintage/painted/romantic look also.
I must congratulate you on a job well done.
I must ask you about your Pink Contest. I'm trying to be creative on having a piece of paper saying "it's my house" and I'm not coming up with anything creative. It's late 1:00 AM and I've got to get to my shabby bed.
Hugs from Canada