Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here is the first piece of shabby chic furniture
that I purchased and my thoughts behind it.
The very first was this old drop leaf dining table that was already a white ( a very dirty and worn white). I found it in a second hand shop and was immediately drawn to it, even in the shape it was. It was missing one of the drop leaf on one side, but had these adorable little cupboards on each side. I looked at it and looked at it, trying to vision what I might be able to do with it. It was at that point I decided that what I could do was to take over our loft area and change it into a shabby chic office space. I decided that I would take this treasure home with me and clean it up a little with some paint and use it as my desk there.

Firsts things first though.....I had to tell my husband that I was claiming the loft area and that his little TV room was going. He really wasn't too upset for he does not use it that much any more. I proceed to call my ever so handy son "Mike" who has a truck to come and help me move every thing out of the room and to pick up my new found treasure (my old/new desk). He was quite happy to help out for he ended up with the TV, TV cabinet, two over stuffed recliners, tables and on and on.

Now here stands my very first piece in a empty room, all tattered and dirty with four split legs. My husband looked at me like I was crazy......."What are you going to do with that piece of junk?" he asked in disbelieve. I told him I thought it was cute and he laughed saying "Should I call the men with the straight jacket?" To me it would be perfect once cleaned up and the the two side cupboards would be a added bonus for storage of office supplies. Mind you, I already have a beautiful large office in our finished basement, but this would give me a small room to work with and try out my skills at creating a shabby chic room.

I have now finished this piece and will post some after shots in a day or check back again to see my new first treasure desk. I am now on my way to creating what I hope to be a relaxing, wonderful space for myself filled with many things of my new love for "Shabby Chic Decor" from old and tattered items.

Until then Happy Days to You

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Jill said...

Your right, this is old and dirty looking, I would of probally just walked by it. But you could see beyond it and you did. The finished piece is lovely you must be so happy.