Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Let's start off with the fact that up until approx eight months ago my style was eclectic/traditional. I have decorated in this fashion for years and absolutely loved it. My home is still decorated this way
Somewhere a long the road I was bitten by the shabby style of the old, tattered and worn brought back to life with a little tender care and a warm heart. I think it was one day I was surfing the Internet and came across some shabby chic websites. There was no stopping me now, now I was hooked and hooked bad, I couldn't get enough to look at at.
I already had a Baby Website but had been contemplating opening another also. I then decided to combine them both under a new name "Shoppes on Boutique Drive" this way I could have more than one department and include some of the shabby chic, romantic, tattered vintage items that I was falling in love with.

This gave me the desire to go out to antique shops, flea markets, tag sales and more. As I began to look at some of these pieces I found myself looking at them in a whole new way then I ever did before. I could now imagine them being used in different ways or painted a different color or even to be left as they were.

Now all this old and tattered stuff was all the sudden brought to new life in my head and I couldn't stop there. I decided to buy a couple pieces of furniture to take home and see what I might be able to create out these treasures that I just found. I now was consumed with wanting to know all the ways that I might be able to transform these pieces. Again I spent hours researching the Internet for articles on different techniques for painting furniture and creating that shabby chic, romantic, vintage look.


I now was on the look out for items for resale and furniture pieces to re-do.

As I continue to post, I will show and tell of my journey to the shabby chic, romantic, vintage and tattered world. A lot has transpired since the day I became hooked and I will share it all with you in my next postings.

Until then, happy treasure hunting to you all, and may your days be filled with the joys of life.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi
Me again Paula, I love the way you already decorate. Why do you want to change it?

Sandi Behne said...

Hello Paula
I not changing it all, at least not yet. Just going to start with one room. I am working on our loft, changing it to a shabby chic office. Thanks for the compliment.

Jill said...

Even though I love the shabby style too, I have to say I love the way you decorate. Its is so gorgeous. I wish it where my house.