Thursday, September 25, 2008

Never Have White Clouds Been More Beautiful

As you can see I've now gone crazy, all of these pieces came from the same yard sale and lucky me they already have a base coat of white paint on them. That was a very lucky day that day.
One sunny Sunday afternoon a few month ago, my husband and I headed off to an antique shop in Lee, Ma. but sadly it was closed. I was quit disappointed for I really needed to get my shabby chic, old and tattered junkie high on that day. As we proceeded to head back, my husband then suggested we take the back route home. Normally I don't like the back routes, I prefer to drive on the main highways at a faster speed. Boy was I ever glad I listened to him.

Driving along the back roads all the sudden I could see what almost appeared to be large white clouds, but they were not in the sky, but on the ground ahead of me. As we got a little closer, my heart stopped....oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I screamed. My husband started yelling calm down, calm attention to the road not whats on the side. I pulled the car to a quick stop and bolted from the car, I think it was still moving. Well the white clouds were tons of old and tattered pieces of white painted furniture. White, white and white everywhere. Never, ever will I resist the opportunity to take the back route again.

I first spotted two white cane round back chairs. "How much for those chairs?" I shouted out. The guy says $20.00 for the both. The words "SOLD" couldn't come out of mouth fast enough. I proceeded to ask the price of different pieces and continued to say "SOLD". Every thing was about ten or twenty dollars. The last piece was a hallway coat rack. I thought well maybe this is going to be too high, but what the heck give it a try. As I once again asked and he said $10.00....I looked at him in such awe and said "what are you crazy?" He must of thought that my expression and saying what in such astonishment, that he was asking too much so he immediately said well how about $5.00. Oh my gosh I've died and gone to heaven. Here I thought he was asking too little to begin with and now he says $5.00. What was this man thinking. "Oh ya, I know what he was thinking, old and tattered junk, just get it out of here. His loss my gain. Could ones day get any better, I think not.

I ended up with (2) night stands, (1) cabinet, (2) cane back chairs, (1) two piece corner desk unit, (1) very gorgeous display table, (1) hallway tree cabinet, (2) old plant stands, (2) long shelves, (1) old magazine rack and some odds and ends. Then to close the gate to heaven so no one else could have a chance to nab these treasures up...... this guy says "seeing your buying so much, I'll let you have it all for $50.00. Now I know I really had died and gone to heaven.

My husband just sat in the car the whole time shaking his head. He did although occasionally peek his head out the window asking "Can I ask you just how do you think were going to get all this in the car and where in heaven are you going to put it all when you get home?" No way was I passing this up, even if I had to carry it home on my already broken back.
I immediately once again was on the phone calling my son to come with his truck and rescue me, boy it's sure nice to have such a wonderful, helpful son with a truck (but at this point he's probably wishing he didn't own one). Well as always, there he was to help and within an hour the stuff was loaded up and ready for its new home. These pieces and others are now being done over and will be for sale on my site in the future.

Well, I had better close up for awhile and get, so much too do. What have I gotten my self into now.............Helppppppppppppppp
Until then, happy treasure hunting to you all, and may your days be filled with the joys of life..............


Paula said...

Sandi, you lucky, lucky girl. I would of died too if that happened to me. Does he have any thing left? Can't wait to see the finished pieces again. I wish I did't live so far away.
Friends forever

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, that is an amazing deal! I just got your comment about the bird cage! I'm so happy you were able to get it 1/2 off!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

WOW! I just saw your "after" photo of the BEAUTIFUL buffet you did. BRAVO!!

My mother recently gave me an old piece of furniture from my childhood. It's pretty beat up now, but I'm going to restore it to it's original grandeur. I ordered some applique wreaths and such to do just that. Someday you'll find a post about it. : )

just a little bit shabby said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is so exciting when you are just starting to see that people are finding you. You're my kinda shopper! Nothing better than a smokin' deal
Keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

hi sandi,
sorry it has taken me so long to visit! you have been very busy , and your blog looks great.
my next stop will be your website!
ps LOVE that white buffet. it is magnificent! you did a great job...isn't that just sooo satifying?

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Sandi, Lucky day, and a lot of the work already done! A lucky girl you are! I love the white buffet, it's gorgeous!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I love all those off the beaten path spots! My mom always finds little thrift stores that are hidden away in the tinyest towns. When I ask her how in the world she ever found it, she says, "Dad & I were just taking a drive..." Geessshh... that never happens when I take a drive! In fact, usually the little ones are cold or hot or both... the teen is saying it's stupid to take the long way and the 10 year old just wants to know if there's going to be any place to rollerblade when we get there. =) Blessings.. Polly

tina said...

This is a funny and really good post. A chance happening we can only dream of! So lucky for you!

ann said...

what a lucky,lucky lady you...Ann

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Sondra, thank you for visiting today and leaving your VERY sweet comment!

WOW... what a FABULOUS score!!!

OMG.... I love it all. Esp. that shelving piece, and the coat rack. Hobby Lobby had a beautiful pink velvet that would look so nice on those chairs.

White clouds of heaven indeed!! Can't wait to see the afters~